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Born 1974 New York City
Lives and works in New York City and Berlin


2002   MFA, De Ateliers 63, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1995   BFA, The Cooper Union School of Art, New York, New York


2022    Group show, "Zum Idealen Himmel (Ideal Heaven Inn)", Gallery Also, Los Angeles,
B-la, curated by Raaf van der Sman
Group show, "Barnacles / Focus on Abstraction", Pavillion am Milchhof, Berlin

2021    Group show, "The Gods Threw the Dogs a Bone", Nationalmuseum, Berlin, 
Curated by John Hodany
Group show, "Elements", Kunsthalle Hilsbach, Hilsbach, DE, curated by Witte Wartena & B.C. Epker

2019    "Leaving Trails" Two person show with Witte Wartena, HilbertRaum Gallery, Berlin
"Veil Feind, Veil Ehr", Group show, curated by Raaf van der Sman, Peninsula Gallery, Brooklyn
"Petrol Turtles", Group show, Cubiculum, Berlin     

2018   "Precurse", Group show, curated by John Hodany, Park Place Gallery, Brooklyn
"FOCUSONABSTRATION" Group show, Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin

2015   Group show, "Island Time", Contemporary Arts Museum Houston CAMH, Houston, TX
Group show, "Prime Matter", Teckningmuseet (The Museum of Drawings), Laholm, Sweden
Three person show, "Memories of the Digital Age", Rosalux, Berlin
Group show, "Trinkets for the Rich", nationalmuseum, Berlin

  Solo show, "Recent Paintings", GAR Gallery, Galveston, TX
Group show, "Prime Matter", Senaspace, NYC

2013   Group show, GAR Gallery, Galveston, TX 
Group show, "Dutch Treat", DADA Post, Berlin 

2012   Solo show, "Embedded", Galerie Zurcher, Paris
Solo show,"Marking Territory", nationalmuseum, Berlin
Solo show (project space), "Venus im Cussler", Cussler 9, Berlin
Art Paris, Art Fair, Galerie Zurcher, Paris
Group show, "Back from LA", Galerie Zurcher, NYC
Group show,"Choses vues á Droit et á Gauche"(sans lun Lunettes), L'oiseu shows at: Ballhaus Ost, Berlin Group show, Gershwin hotel, NYC, curated by Brian Bellot 

2011   Drawing Now, Salon du Contemporain 2011,Galerie Zurcher, Paris
Group Show, "The Raising of Lazarus", Nationalmuseum, Berlin
Art Fair, "Zurcher Salon 2011", Galerie Zurcher, NYC
Group Show, "The Round Quadrango", L'oiseu shows at: Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

2010   Solo show, "Habitat Interchange", Galerie Zurcher, NYC
Group show, "Das Gerucht", Galerie Conradi, Hamburg
FIAC 2010, Galerie Zurcher, Paris
Group show, Curated by Sebastian Dacey, Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich
Group show, "Paranoia", Curated by Raaf Van Der Sman, De Nederlandshe Cacao Fabriek, Helmond, The Netherlands
Group show,"Kunstler der Gallerie 2", Lena Bruening Galerie, Berlin
Salon du Dessin Contemporain 2010, Galerie Zurcher, Paris

2009   Solo show, "Holy Rollers", Lena Bruening Galerie, Berlin
Group show, "Kunstler der Gallerie", Lena Bruening Galerie, Berlin
Group Show, "Wild Feature", Curated by Brian Bellot, Zurcher Studio, NYC
Group Show, Curated by Sebastian Dacey, Forgotten Bar Projects, Berlin
Group Show, "Wild Feature 2", Curated by Brian Bellot, Zurcher Gallery, Paris

2008   Group show, "Precurse", curated by John Hodany, Nationalmuseum, Berlin
Three person show, “Caetano de Almeida, John Hodany, Michael Lazarus”, Eleven Rivington Gallery, NYC
Volta Art Fair, Basel, Eleven Rivington Gallery, NYC
Art LA 2008, Eleven Rivington Gallery, NYC

2007   Solo show, “Works on Paper”, Galerie Loyal, Stockholm
Group show, “Full Nelson”, West Germany, Berlin
Group show, "International Lantern Festival", curated by George Barber, Rosen Garten, Berlin
Nada Art Fair, Miami, Eleven Rivington Gallery, NYC

2006   Group show, "Kreisis”, Galerieigenschlafzimmer, Berlin, 
Group show, "Searching for love and Fire", Castillo Contemporary, Miami

2005   Group show, “Sundown”, Broadway Gallery, NYC

2004   Group show, Rare Gallery, NYC
Scope Art Fare LA, Rare Gallery, NYC

2003   Solo show, ”The Weight of Some Time”, Rare Gallery, NYC
Solo show, ”That In-Between Time”, Galerie Fons Welters, Playstation, Amsterdam

2002   Group show, “Early Works”, de Ateliers 63, Amsterdam
Solo show, “The Weight of Some Time”, de Ateliers 63, Amsterdam
Solo show, "Recent Sculpture and Paintings", Rare Gallery, NYC
Art Basel, Miami Beach, Rare Gallery, NYC

2001   Group show, “Yellow Brick Road”, White Columns, NYC
Group show, Passagen Linkopings Konsthall, Linkoping, Sweden
Group show, “Platypus”, Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, NYC
New York Contemporary Art Fair, “The Armory Show”, Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, NYC

2000   Group show, "Text or Whatever", Buro Empty, Amsterdam

1999   Group show, curated by Nayland Blake, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, NYC

1998   Two group shows, Roger Smith Gallery, NYC

1997   Solo show, "Recent Sculpture and Paintings", Roger Smith Gallery, NYC


2013   Galveston Artist Residency, 2013-2014, with full scholarship

2011   Five works in the collection of the Artotheque du Limousin, Public Art Fund, France

2003   Two works in the collection of The Museum Of Modern Art [NYC] 

2001   Scholarship with stipend for two years of study at De Ateliers 63, Amsterdam (NL)

1995   Michael S. Vivo Memorial Prize for Excellence in Drawing, Cooper Union, NYC
1994   Martin Rothenberg Travel Fellowship, Cooper Union, NYC


2021   Exhibition "Elements" Painting "Can of Worms" was featured in the Frankische Leadeszeitung,
"Viefalt der Themen un Techniken" rewiewed by Elke Walter, September, 2021

2012   Exhibition 'Embedded' reviewed in : 'Le Figaro', Newspaper, by Sophie De Santis, April 4, 2012, France2011 'Venus in Antarctica' painting metioned in: New York Times, Art in Review,Newspaper, by Karen Rosenberg, 'Zurcher Salon', pg c25, March 4, 2011

2010   Exhibition 'Habitat Interchange' reviewed in: Art in America, Magazine, by David Greenberg, Exhibition Review, January 11 issue #1, pg. 115-116
September, Catologue made for solo show at Zurcher galerie, NYC"John Hodany, Habitat Interchange"

2009   May, "Printer" sculpture featured in
MoMA NYC collection catologue, "The Judith Rothchild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Catologue Raisonne"

2009   Dec., "Switching Swans, Praying Beaver", full page image featured in article on Zurcher Gallery, "The M Magazine", by Brendon Maclnnis

2008   Febuary, "Lock Claw Skill Crane" sculpture, featured on "", "The Bomb", By Nancy Smith

2007   May, Received a review in "DN. Kultur" newspaper, Stockholm, “3 x kitikerns Val, John Hodany”, by Hakan Nilsson

2002   September, “The Weight of Some Time” sculpture, featured with review in "De Volkskrant" newspaper, Sept. 16, 2002, The Netherlands
September, Published two full pages of painting and sculpture in “Early Works, de Ateliers 63 catalogue: 1997-2002”

2001   January, “Espresso Count” sculpture, featured with review in "Time Out" New York magazine

2000   December, “Espresso Count” sculpture, featured on cover and "Fauxtograph" painting, included inside of “The Columbia Journal”, 2000 Edition. Columbia University, NYC